Race Info

The program

  • Check-in Friday June 11th between 16.00 – 20.00. You will receive the two CP bags when you check in

  • Friday 11th the two CP drop bags must be packed and delivered to check-in crew before 20.00

  • Mandatory Race Brief June 11th 20.30

  • Race starts 04.00 – 04.30 June 12th  (grouped start due to covid19)

  • Ceremony 13.00 June 13th

Everything above will take place at Nøsen Yoga og Fjellhotell.

Preparing for the race - free 21 week training plan!

For those athletes that are a bit unsure of how to prepare for the race, we have built a full training program that includes running and strength training. The program is based on our own experiences preparing for similar events, and if followed one should have a great basis for a good result and a good experience when participating. The program starts Jan 11th 2021 and ends on race day June 12th 2021. Enjoy!







The route

The route starts and ends at Nøsen and makes a 100 km circle in the area which offers a very varied terrain. South of Nøsen is fairly flat compared to the hilly north, which is the entrance to the Hemsedal mountain ranges to the west and Jotunheimen to the North east. This will also make for some epic views and beautiful scenery. The surface is 1/3 trails, 1/3 gravel road, and 1/3 mountain trail and elevation decent/accent is approximately 3250 m.   


The final route is publised https://www.trailnordic.com/gpx2021 - be sure to update the gpx file two days in advance of the race. We might make last minute changes to the route due to challenging snow conditions. 

The 1st leg goes through rolling terrain through and epic scenery with some gravel roads, nice trails and the first mountain climb to Grønsengnippa (1368 masl). After 42 km the athlete will reach Syndinstøga where they can refuel and get access to their CP1 drop-bag. 

After climbs up Kruk (1582 masl)  and Pikkhaug (1190 masl) and 33 km, the athlete will reach the last and final CP at 71 km and get access to CP 2 drop bag . From there, the athlete will approach the final climb up to Gråskarvet (1731 masl) and decent to some nice lakeside trails and the final gravel road to the finish line at Nøsen where refreshments and intense feelings of mastery awaits.



The route is not marked physically, apart from the permanent markings along the paths. Each athlete must navigate such that the route is followed. As navigation aids, each athlete must bring a handhold GPS-unit (a watch-type is allowed) and a physical compass. Each athlete may choose to print a digital map made available by the organizer, or to bring its own paper map.


GPS-tracks and map data will be available in due time before the race.


Nøsen Hundreds Ultramarathon 2021 has been evaluated by the International trail running association. The link to the events page at ITRA can be found here here.

Finishing the race will give you

  • 4 ITRA points

  • 4 mountain points

  • 370 finisher points

pikkhaug p.GIF


Mandatory equipment for all participants must be packed in backpack

  • Wind and waterproof jacket

  • Wind and waterproof pant

  • Emergency blanket

  • Wool underwear (Upper / Lower)

  • Windproof Hat / Glows

  • Headlamp

  • GPS with extra battery

  • Compass

  • Fully charged cell phone (turned OFF, placed in backpack) with the pre-stored emergency number +47 41 22 71 88. Use this phone if an emergency situation occurs.

  • Basic first aid kit

  • Sunscreen spf 30 or higher



REGULATIONS AND CONDITIONS – Nøsen Hundreds 100 km Ultramarathon 2021

Updated 05.10.2020

These regulations and conditions apply to participation in the race event Nøsen Hundreds 100km Ultramarathon 2021.


Participation in the race event is at the participant’s own responsibility and risk. The

organizer is not to account for expenses that may arise if a participant is exposed to

injury, illness or other matters in the context of the event.

The participant is committed to study and understand all written information given by the organizer. The participant must follow directions given by the organizer.

It is mandatory to help if a fellow participant gets into an emergency situation. In such a case the organizer must also be informed.

  • The participant must follow the specified route for the race event.

  • The participant must not leave litter of any kind along the route.

  • The participant’s full name, club name, nationality, and year of birth may be published in result lists and participant lists.

  • Pictures may be taken of the participant during the event. Such pictures may be published on the website of the event and in social media.

  • Enrolment is binding. If an enrolled participant is not able to take part in the race, for whatever the reason, the starting fee will not be refunded.

  • In the case of a complete cancellation of the race event, 50% of the participant fee will be refunded.

  • The lower age limits for participation is 18 years.

The participant needs to store the number of the organizer, +47 41227188, on the

mobile phone to be carried during the race.

The participant must carry obligatory equipment in accordance with a detailed list, which is published on the website of the event. A backpack containing the obligatory equipment must be carried by the participant along the whole route from start to finish. If a participant chooses to use poles, these must be carried along the whole route from start to finish.

The race is supported from the organizer with two check points. To receive support outside of what is provided is not allowed. ”Pacing” (to be accompanied by someone not taking part in the competition) is not


In difficult weather conditions the organizer may decide that the race will follow an

alternative route. A participant deciding to leave the race with status DNF (did not finish) must immediately inform the organizer.


We reserve the right to modify our regulations and conditions at any time, if needed.

Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website.